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Jennie H. Kim, is a freelance photographer born in Baltimore, MD but raised in various parts of San Gabriel Valley California.  “Making connections is an important aspect for me and I want people to feel that connection through my images.  Photography has always resonated with me because I’m a “visual” being and I like observing my surroundings and taking a piece of that moment with me so that I can go back and remember how great life was to me in that moment.  I’m happiest when experiencing other cultures, traveling and indulging in nature.”

Jen has an infatuation for all forms of art aside from photography including: the art of dance, music, graffiti/street art, culinary art, cinematography – all things aesthetic. Her appreciation for all forms of self-expression allows her to identify with individuals who share this common space and through these intimate connections of sharing space, time and energy – “I give and take. I capture and reflect. I love and hate!”

Her exposure to the underground scene began in the 80′s through hip-hop, punk rock, oldies, house, reggae, jazz, blues, R&B and soul.  Therefore, these influences have had an impact on her sense of style and attitude and still plays a significant part of her life. “I respect those who respect others and within my subculture of cultures — respect goes a long way. LA holds an art culture that has manifested its way deep from within its roots and constantly flourishes. You’re either intrigued by the people, the scene, the vibes, and energy or repelled by it. Despite the lack of respect, the uneducated and constant scrutiny within the scene, I still choose to be a part of this culture. I am here to create, collaborate, aggravate, but definitely won’t tolerate individuals that lag, flake, or disrupt my flow. Welcome to my universe!”

Bio by: Suzy Kassem aka Blue Panther 777 Thanks Sue much

Love & Hate Logos by: Dino Mayorga